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Vanisle Ecolog Homes Testimonial for MIG Vision Studio

Last year we started to work on a new development, where we want to built 6 high end log homes side by side on a beautiful sandy beach in the heart of cottage country in Ontario, Canada.

We wanted to start selling the homes as early as possible, as it is a big advantage for the buyer - and the seller - to buy the building before it is fully finished. That way a buyer can choose a lot of the finishing details, like floor, kitchen, appliances, light fixtures etc. But many buyers cannot visualize how a home will really look at the end - and walking around a construction site with lots of material lying around, unfinished walls and ceilings doesn't make it easier for a buyer to fall in love with the home.

That's why we hired MIG Vision team to create 3D renderings for our homes. We wanted to show in as much detail as possible what the homes would look like at the end. And we wanted to show how different colours and finishing material can influence the overall appearance of the home - and MIG Vision team did a great job in presenting the same home in different "outfits".

We were also impressed that they modelled every single beam of the house - including the overhanging dovetail joints on the corners. After we saw the amazing quality of the first exterior renderings of the homes we decided to hire MIG Vision to do some interior panoramas as well. These high resolution panoramas are an amazing experience and are the closest you can get to walking around inside of the fully furnished and finished home. We love these renderings as excellent marketing material for our homes. The first home which MIG Vision rendered was sold only a few weeks after we put it on the market. And part of that success is that we could communicate our vision through these fantastic 3D models.

Hermann Thoene, Owner, Vanisle Ecolog Homes, Victoria, BC, Canada